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Why Trace Chemotherapy Waste Requires Incineration

Chemotherapy Waste Disposal: Is Your Cancer Treatment Center Compliant?

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal and Proper Labeling

Does Your Medical Waste Provider Properly Dispose of Pharmaceutical Waste?

Tennessee Health Care Association Convention

What is the Flow of Regulated Medical Waste?

What Makes Regulated Medical Waste Disposal So Complex?

EPA Vigorously Enforces Proper Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

Efficient Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) During Shifts in Volume

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Your Practice

How to Avoid Fines for HIPAA & FACTA File Management Non-Compliance

Protect Patient & Client Records During COVID-19 Business Closure

Due Diligence: The First Step in Proper Hazardous Waste Management

Spring Cleaning: How to Dispose of Medical Records the Right Way

Pharma Waste Handling in Nursing Homes

Is Your IV Clinic Breaking Alabama Waste Disposal Laws?

Is Your Staff Properly Trained and Certified for Regulatory Compliance?

Waste Management During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Why Your Business Should Ditch a Personal Shredder and Go Professional

COVID-19 Warns about Appropriate Regulated Medical Waste Management

What You Need to Know About FACTA and Other Shredding Laws

The True Costs of Hazardous Waste Disposal

How to Manage Hazardous Wastes in Automotive Manufacturing

Sustainable Forestry Waste Management in Alabama

4 Considerations Before Hiring a Lab Pack Provider

Hazardous Waste Disposal: Liabilities Faced by the Waste Generator

Chemotherapy Waste - Characteristics and Containment

Industrial and Commercial Waste – Counting the Cost

Controlled Substances – What, Who, Where, When and Why

Dental Facilities and the Waste They Produce

Pharma: Controlled or Not Controlled, That is the Question

The Principles of Pathology Waste

Understanding Sharps and Their Risk

Cradle-to-Grave Liability for Hazardous Waste Generators

Nursing Home Medical Waste: What Every Facility Needs To Know

Five Approved Methods of Hazardous Waste Disposal

The Pharma Puzzle – Dealing with Pharmaceutical Waste

Regulatory Requirements and Reality for Regulated Waste Generators

Pharmaceutical Listed Waste and Why it’s Dangerous

Blood and Blood Products, and Why They are Bio-hazardous

The Ins and Outs of Safe, Compliant Medical Waste Storage

Cure the Confusion: Limit Contents of Red Biohazard Bags

Whose Responsibility Is It? You and Your Waste Management Company

Regulated Waste in the Funeral Home Setting: When Does Your Responsibility End?

Basics of Medical and Hazardous Waste Management for Veterinary Hospitals and Practices

Steps to help ensure OSHA Medical Waste Compliance In Your Workplace

Sharps Containers: They're For More Than Just Needles

Motivate your Clinic Staff to Cooperate with Medical Waste Handling

Tips For Tattoo/Piercing Studios On Safe And Compliant Waste Handling

Alabama Medical Waste Requirements: Key Points To Know

Chemotherapy Waste: Know Your D-List Details

Medical Waste Management: About Record Keeping Requirements

Regulated Waste in Dental Practices: What Qualifies as Medical/Hazardous Waste?

Medical and Hazardous Waste in the Lab Setting: What You and Your Staff Need to Know

Compliance Training For Medical Waste Generators: What You Need To Know

Do You Know Where Your Medical Waste Ends Up?

Facility-Acquired Infections: Reduce Risk With Good Waste Disposal Procedures

Medical Waste Disposal: Small Mistakes Can Lead to Big Fines

Medical/Hazardous Waste: Yours Until It is Rendered Harmless

Pharmacies and Medical Pharmaceutical Waste: What You Need to Know to Protect the Environment and Your Business

Tattoo Shops and Waste Disposal: What Qualifies As Medical/Hazardous Waste?

Solid and Hazardous Waste Exclusions

4 Essential Criteria for Choosing a Medical Waste Management Vendor

Is Your Medical Waste Properly Packaged?

Point Of Use Medical Waste Collection: Ways To Promote Better Staff Compliance

Funeral Homes and Hazardous Waste

Tips to Ensure Proper Hazardous Waste Storage

Digital Media Destruction: How to Be HIPAA Compliant

What to Look for When Selecting a Shredding Service for Your Medical Practice

Secure Document Shredding: How to Be HIPAA Compliant

Is Your Hazardous Waste Labeled Correctly?

What Your Annual Hazardous Waste Plan May Be Missing

Hazardous Waste Collection Best Practices

Why You Need an Annual Hazardous Waste Plan

How EPA Rules on Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Save You Time and Money

Are You Correctly Using the Hazardous Waste Manifest at Each Waste Pickup?

Ways to Be Sure Your Hazardous Waste Is Transported and Treated Properly

Are You Storing Your Hazardous Waste Too Long?

Is Your Waste Generator Classification Correct?

How to Create an Effective Disaster Contingency Plan

What Your Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan May Be Missing

Why You Need a Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan

Don't Overlook These 13 Mixture and Derived-From Rule Exemptions

Why You Should Take Hazardous Waste Handling Seriously

Training Your Hazardous Waste Personnel Must Take

How to Create an EPA Waste Profile

Five Steps to Properly Identifying Hazardous Waste

Three Common Waste Handling Mistakes in Medical Offices

What Your Medical Waste Service Provider Could Be Missing

What Could Happen Without Compliance Training

Three Common Mistakes in Segregating Waste

Three Types of PHI That Should Be Destroyed

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Medical Office's PHI

Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Yellow Bin

Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Blue Bin

Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Black Bin

Training Documents Your Medical Office Must Have on File

How to Plan an Internal Audit for Your Medical Office

Important Employee Designations Your Medical Office Should Have

Exposure Control Plan: What is it and Why Does Your Office Need One?

How to Create a Medical Waste Management Plan

A Four Step Guide to Healthcare Waste Container Labels

Specialty Waste Corp Merges with TriHaz Solutions

How to Set Your Medical Practice Up for Success - Part 3: Documentation

Set Your Medical Practice Up for Success Part 2: Processes & Procedures

BMD Merges with TriHaz Solutions

How to Set Your Medical Practice Up for Success - Part 1: Training

Ways to Treat Your Medical Waste

The Basics of Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

What You Should Know About Permits for Transporting Regulated Medical Waste

Six Steps to Improve Your Medical Office's Compliance in 2018

New Year, New Procedures: Resolve to Maintain Compliance

Mishandled Medical Waste: How to Avoid Possible Violations and Fines

Top Three Reasons Your Medical Waste Should Be Treated Locally

Proper Bulk and Trace Chemotherapy Waste Handling

Cradle-to-Grave: You’re Responsible, But What Does That Mean?

Compliance Training Anyone Handling Medical Waste Must Take

Preparing Your Medical Waste: What Goes in the Red Biohazard Bag?

Top Five Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A Five Step Guide to Prepare Medical Waste for Pickup and Transportation

Save Money With Proper Classification of Medical Waste

OSHA: Is Your Physician’s Office Compliant?

What Compliance Metrics Does Your Medical Office Have to Meet?

Does Your Medical Office Meet the Alabama Medical Waste Regulations?

HIPAA: Is Your Physician's Office Compliant?

Hidden Fees to Look for in Medical Waste Services

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Medical Waste Provider

Do You Know Where Your Medical Waste is Going?

Save Money With Proper Medical Waste Disposal: Here’s How

Top Three Risks of Mishandled Medical Waste

Types of Medical Waste Streams

Is Your Medical Waste Disposal Process Compliant?

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