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Dental Practice Waste Articles

Dental Facilities and the Waste They Produce

Kevin Webber - Nov 14, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Regulatory compliance is essential to running a successful dental facility, and proper waste management is certainly important to that effort. Dental facilities generate a significant amount of waste that is subject to local, state and federal regulations during day-to-day operations – waste that requires special handing to ensure compliance with those regulations. To help you gain a good working knowledge of what these wastes are and how they must be handled, here are the basics on dental facilities and the waste they produce.

Topics: Dental Practice Waste

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Regulated Waste in Dental Practices: What Qualifies as Medical/Hazardous Waste?

Kevin Webber - Mar 29, 2019 8:45:50 AM

Whether you are managing a new dental practice or one that has been established for years, it is important to learn or brush up on the details of proper and compliant handling of the regulated waste generated by your workplace every day. That’s because small missteps in waste handling can cause large problems for your practice, resulting in regulatory violations and fines, or even lawsuits. To help avoid such problems, here we’ll outline the basics on what qualifies as regulated medical/hazardous waste in this setting.

Topics: Dental Practice Waste- Sharps Waste

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