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Pharmacies and Medical/Pharmaceutical Waste: What You Need To Know to Protect the Environment and Your Business 

Kevin Webber - Feb 22, 2019 8:29:00 AM

The average neighborhood pharmacy generates a good amount of medical and pharmaceutical waste, and the amount and types of waste they generate has been steadily increasing in recent years as their roles in their communities expand. While those roles were once largely limited to filling prescriptions and selling over-the-counter medications and other health-related merchandise, many are branching out to provide other services.

Topics: Medical Waste- Compliance

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4 Essential Criteria for Choosing a Medical Waste Management Vendor

Kevin Webber - Feb 12, 2019 9:34:19 AM

With one-third of medical waste generated every year coming from private clinics and practices, that’s a whopping 1.9 million tons requiring safe disposal. Managing medical waste is one of the least pleasant aspects of practice administration but one of the most essential, which means it's likely one of your priorities. When the medical team resists complying with your hard-won methods, your waste management vendor treats you like just another number, and you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s time to identify a service provider who works for you. Here’s what you should be looking for.

Topics: Medical Waste

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Is Your Medical Waste Properly Packaged?

Kevin Webber - Feb 8, 2019 2:37:12 PM

Congratulations, you finally got a handle on how to properly package your facility’s medical waste! Then you learn your state’s laws are just slightly different from federal regulations. Or you discover some staff members, even after careful training, aren’t complying with proper disposal. Now what?

Topics: Medical Waste

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Point Of Use Medical Waste Collection: Ways To Promote Better Staff Compliance

Kevin Webber - Feb 5, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Dealing with medical waste is one of the details of daily life in the medical environment that often flies under the radar of medical staff. However, it cannot escape the attention of office managers or administrators who are in charge of seeing that it is handled in compliance with state and federal disposal regulations. Typically, one of the more difficult aspects of managing this process is the day-to-day task of ensuring that the various categories of medical waste are properly disposed of by the clinical staff members who generate them. If this is an issue in your workplace, here are some steps you can take that may help to resolve it:

Topics: Medical Waste

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Three Common Medical Office Mistakes

Kevin Webber - Jul 6, 2018 9:46:05 AM

Managing medical waste is not for the faint of heart . . . and neither is managing a medical office. Your facility’s staff must adhere to strict, sometimes time-consuming medical waste guidelines and regulations while providing the highest level of patient care. You must protect the health of your patients, your employees, and on a larger scale, the community-at-large and the environment. Following best practices in health care delivery, medical waste management, and medical office management can streamline processes and help ensure the best delivery of service in each area.

However, no matter how well your staff follows processes and procedures, mistakes will be made. Handling medical waste can be confusing and your medical office is a fast-paced environment. To help, we’ve compiled a list of common medical office mistakes related to compliance for you to keep as a handy reference. Perhaps sharing these with your staff can jumpstart some helpful conversations related to compliance issues.

Topics: Waste Handling- Medical Waste- Compliance

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What Your Medical Waste Provider Could Be Missing

Kevin Webber - Jun 29, 2018 8:29:42 AM

Hiring a medical waste service provider doesn’t mean you can surrender responsibility for how your waste is handled. Your medical facility is responsible for its medical waste from the moment it’s generated until the moment it’s rendered harmless and can be recycled or thrown away. Any incident with your medical waste is your organization’s responsibility, even when you’ve contracted with a fully permitted waste service provider. They can make mistakes that result in penalties and fines for your practice.

Topics: Medical Waste- Compliance- Mishandled

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Three Common Mistakes in Segregating Waste

Kevin Webber - Jun 15, 2018 11:34:29 AM

Things are running smoothly at your medical practice since you’ve conducted compliance training and among other training requirements, your employees know how to correctly categorize and segregate medical waste. However, handling medical waste can be confusing and mistakes can still happen. In fact, some regulations regarding medical waste can be confusing for even the most conscientious employee. We’re sharing a few of the most common mistakes made when separating waste streams. 

Topics: Compliance- Waste Handling- Medical Waste

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Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Yellow Bin

Kevin Webber - May 25, 2018 2:30:00 PM

Your medical practice staff should know exactly what kinds of medical waste your practice produces and how to properly collect and prepare it for storage and transport. Chemotherapy waste disposal must be carefully managed in order to protect your employees, patients, and community. Chemotherapy can use highly toxic drugs and generates some of the most hazardous medical waste. If disposed of incorrectly, this type of pharmaceutical waste can present the biggest risk to human health and the environment. Knowing what goes in the yellow bin will help ensure proper bulk and trace chemotherapy waste handling.

Topics: Medical Waste- Compliance

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Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Blue Bin

Kevin Webber - May 18, 2018 3:42:51 PM

Your main focus is patient care and making sure things run smoothly in your medical facility to facilitate the highest level of care for your patients. You and your staff need everyday processes and procedures standardized and simplified as much as possible in order to focus on patient care. We’re doing this series of articles to help you prepare your medical waste for pickup and transport. Of course, partnering with a fully certified and permitted medical waste services provider can help you make sure that your practice’s regulated medical waste is handled correctly.

Topics: Compliance- Medical Waste

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Preparing Medical Waste: What Goes in the Black Bin

Kevin Webber - May 11, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Partnering with a fully certified and permitted medical waste service provider is one of the best ways to ensure that your practice’s regulated medical waste is handled correctly. Properly segregating the waste is an important consideration in preparing, storing, and transporting medical waste. When you categorize medical waste correctly, you isolate each type to ensure that it is managed properly.

Topics: Medical Waste- Compliance

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