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Ways to Treat Your Medical Waste

Kevin Webber - Feb 9, 2018 1:40:01 PM

As you know, treating your medical waste is an essential function for any medical facility. The “cradle-to-grave” legal framework holds you responsible of its regulated disposal or destruction. Additionally, improperly managed medical waste presents a real danger to your facility, your staff, the community, and the surrounding environment.

Topics: Compliance- Waste Treatment

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Top Three Reasons Your Medical Waste Should Be Treated Locally

Kevin Webber - Dec 14, 2017 1:55:07 PM

You are responsible for medical waste from the moment your practice generates it, until it is rendered non infectious  (properly treated) and can be recycled or properly disposed in an approved landfill. It’s important to know that some medical waste providers only pick up regulated medical waste. They do not treat it or dispose of it, which means the waste they pick up is then turned over to another company for those services. Do you know what happens to your medical waste after it leaves your facility? Here’s why it makes sense to use a local, full-service waste management company.

Topics: Medical Waste- Waste Treatment

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